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Welcome to the website of The Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur.
The Fellowship is based on the symbolism and ideals of the Arthurian tradition and more specifically care and consideration for our fellow human beings. Non sectarian, non political, and without creed or bias, it aims to bring together men and women from all corners of the world, where a sense of belonging and communication will bring contact, knowledge and pleasure, enriching all our lives.

The spiritual home of The Fellowship is King Arthur's Great Halls in Tintagel, Cornwall. A Fellowship existed in the early 1930s in the Halls and was revived in the Diamond Jubilee year of 1993.

The Fellowship provides an enjoyable, informative and lively body that will brighten all our lives and perhaps those around us in what is, at the moment, an unkind world full of change and uncertainty.

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A brief introduction by The Knight Seneschal
It has been asked of me many times why the person we speak of as either King Arthur or just plain Arthur holds such a spell over so many.
The answer is far from simple. In fact it is increasingly more complicated as time goes on.
The reason it becomes more complicated is that so many people want to put a face on the name and identify an actual character in history that can be proven to be our elusive king.

We are, by reason of our nature, an inquisitive animal and it's only normal for us to try and 'pigeon-hole' the man that has become for many the epitome of chivalry and order in a world that is now sadly lacking in both.
Whether or not the man existed as a king or not is, in my opinion, of little importance. What is of vital importance however is the fact that not only do the legends remain to inspire us but also that this man still has the power to command our investigation and study.
Arthur is indeed all things to all people. If you are looking for a Dark Age war lord then there he is, if you are searching for a king of courtly ideals he is there waiting as well.

Let us not forget that many monarchs of England have attempted to prove a link with Arthur to legitimize their claim to the throne. Indeed, Arthur is still a middle name of the male members of the British royal family.
Arthur was the world's first super hero, every child in every country has heard of him and Guenivere, of Lancelot and Galahad and the Grail. The fact is not whether Arthur existed or not but rather that he has endured for centuries and will continue to do so for centuries to come.

Arthur, Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus

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