The Halls contain seventy three beautiful stained glass windows designed and crafted by Veronica Whall during 1930 – 33. As the external light changes throughout the day, so do the colours shining through the stained glass into the Halls.

The galleries of The Hall of Chivalry contain 'The Windows of the Knights'. Each Knight of the Round Table is illustrated by his unique shield depicted in the windows. By each window, the Knight's story is told in words.

The Hall of Chivalry holds eighteen windows portraying the principal virtues which the Knights of the Round Table agreed to observe. In the Hall of Chivalry, these virtues are graded in quality, starting with the less spiritual ones such as Strength, Perseverance and Obedience, through to those considered more spiritual such as Purity, Faith and Love.

The large windows either end of the hall are reminiscent of the Pre –Raphaelite era and are referred to as the best post Pre – Raphaelite windows anywhere.

Veronica Mary Whall was born in 1887. Her father Christopher Whall was a stained glass expert who worked with William Morris in the Arts and Crafts movement. He taught at the London County Council School of Arts and Crafts, where Veronica became a pupil.

She helped out at the father's workshop in Hammersmith and in 1922 they formed the company of Whall & Whall Limited, which produced stained glass windows until the 1950s, including many war memorials and ecclesiastical works.

Veronica retired in 1953 to a cottage in Huntingdonshire, looking after her dogs and goats until her death in 1967.

An illustrated booklet on the windows is available from King Arthur's Great Halls.

Information about paintings and stained glass windows in the Halls reproduced from information kindly supplied by The Sword in the Stone Limited.
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