Film and TV

The Sword In The Stone (Disney, 1963)

The first part of T.H White's The Once and Future King get the animated treatment in this classic Walt Disney film. Worth watching for the beautifully drawn animations as well as the wonderful sense of fun that's bought to the proceedings.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail (1975)

Inspired parody of many of the key Arthurian themes, this is classic British comedy at it's best despite the slightly abrupt ending.

First Knight (1995)

Take an Americanised version of medieval Europe, add in a pinch of Arthurian romance and a dash of the fantastical, bake for 90 minutes and First Knight emerges. Focusing upon the love triangle between Richard Gere's Lancelot, Sean Connery's Arthur and Julia Ormand's Guinevere, this is one of those films that Arthurian aficionados seem to love or hate. Personally I think it's watchable, if not exactly memorable.

King Arthur (2004)

This is King Arthur done Gladiator style. Supposedly a demystified take on the legend (opting to make Clive Owen's Arthur a Roman commander rather than use the usual medieval/romantic set-up), the focus is more on action that character development or mythological accuracy. However it does have lots of good fight scenes and there are some nice touches if you can ignore the Hollywood glitz.

Excalibur (John Boorman - 1981)


Merlin (BBC 2009 – Present)

Lively, family friendly update of the Arthurian tale which sees Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere and co as teenagers in a pseudo-medieval Camelot. As far as accuracy goes, it's complete fantasy but it's good fun and has some fantastic cameos from respected British thesps.
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